Sundance Soapery

Sexy Santa Gift Boxes


His and hers gift boxes
sure to bring cheer
whether you were naughty
or nice this fine year!

 Gift Box May be Different then Pictured 

His box comes with:

• 4 Soaps - Animalistic Instinct, Extremely Sexy for Men, Fierce Man and Stud (or soaps of your choice)

• 1 Lip Balm

• 1 Room and Body Spray - Pheromones

• 1 Lotion - Fierce Man


Her box comes with:

• 3 Soaps - Extremely Sexy for Women, Lick Me All Over and Bite Me (or soaps of your choice)

• 1 Lip Balm

• 1 Scented Almond Oil

• 1 Thick and Luscious Body Butter

• 1 Light & Lovely Lotion - Lick Me All Over (or scent of your choice)


Shipping: $5.99