Sundance Soapery

My name is Deena and I'm living my own kind of dream, hand-making wonderful soap and body products from my garden and barnyard! I live on a small farm in rural Kentucky where I raise milk goats along with horses, dogs, cats and of course, the obligatory chicken (or three).

I have been hand-making soap in small batches since 2007, when it occurred to me that my goats could be more than just cute mowers and horse company. Everybody needs to pull their own weight these days! Using flowers and herbs from my garden, I started out with a few varieties that I gave to friends and family for special occasions. But soon my obsession grew beyond the needs of my, by then extremely clean, kinfolk! As I perfected my recipes, my inventory grew, enough so that I was able to start selling to local shops. By 2011 I had a thriving eBay business with over 100 varieties that has sold thousands of bars of soap to happy, hygienic people!

And that brings us to today. I make your soap, with my own two hands. Although I have friends that help me when and where I need it from time to time, I don't have employees. Because being a boss is not my dream. Working for myself, making something that makes people happy, that is my dream. And I dream big!