Sundance Soapery

Another Happy Sudsy Customer!!!!

Another Happy Sudsy Customer!!!!

I hope you do not think I am the kind of person with nothing to do but write to strangers. It is not true! But, I so rarely find such an outstanding product as this goat's milk soap of yours, I just had to say something. I am old (really old) and have bought a million bars of soap in my life, all that made some sort of promise of magic. But this soap is the only one that keeps its promise. It is exceptional. I actually feel like I have new skin, and I needed it, and I have the feeling that if I keep using this soap my skin will continue to get better. I thank you so much for the magic formula you have put together. My life rarely has surprises any more. This was one. Sharron in California


18" of Snow and -9 degrees tonight! Three new babies born today. Looks like I am staying in the barn tonight!

Baby Goat Videos

These little baby goats are just 1 week old. Once they're weaned, mama goat will contribute her creamy, milky, goodness to your luxurious body products. Thank you mama goat!