Sundance Soapery



Refreshing Scent~ Beneficial Oils 
 It has calming effect that helps to relieve stress and insomnia. People in tropical area also use lemon grass as insect repellent. Combined with other herbs, lemongrass will double its benefits. The duo of lemon grass and pepper will heal menstrual sickness. Lemongrass is also made for herbs tea to soothe body and heal diuretic.
• Helps prevent  pimples.
• Helps with itching and skin disease.
• Tighten and smooth the skin..
•  Helps Eliminate body odor

Ingredients: Hand-Milked Goat's Milk, Olive, Almond, Avocado, Castor, Safflower, Canola and Coconut Oils, Lard, Dried Lemongrass, Lemongrass Essential Oil
Approximately 4+ oz.

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* Each bar is crafted by hand and its appearance may differ from the photo. Enjoy your one-of-a-kind artisan product.